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Natasha is the founder of My Break-Up Registry, which she soft-launched in 2021 on the coattails of her canceled wedding day comedy special. Her compelling story and background immediately generated interest from investors. Natasha focused on gaining user feedback, building in public, and beta testing while bootstrapping the improvements of her MVP.

In 2022, Natasha launched her startup to her social media fanbase, steadily gaining traction with no traditional marketing spend. By summer of 2022, My Break-Up Registry hit a milestone of over 5-figure site visitors a month, and Natasha was accepted on The Blox season 4 with Weston Bergmann. Wes gave her the title of The Most Investible Startup. A few months later, she submitted to one of the largest accelerators in the world and placed 14th out of thousands of companies.

Natasha has been named one of 2023's top entrepreneurs to watch by New York Weekly. My Break-Up Registry has achieved an impressive twenty percent growth month over month, with Natasha at the helm as a non-technical solo founder. She has continued to build her company along with her personal brand, speaking about her story on tour as she prepares to film her second comedy special in late 2023. She is preparing to raise pre-seed funding for My Break-Up Registry spring/summer 2023.

Previously, Natasha has founded two successful production companies, one of which is still in operation, and has helped launch multiple startups, brands, and apps. She excels in curating thoughtful brand partnerships, social media collaborations, digital marketing, and has a deep understanding of both B2B and D2C products and software.

2 My Breakup Registry – https___mybreaku
3 My Breakup Registry – https___mybreaku
4 My Breakup Registry – https___mybreaku
5 My Breakup Registry – https___mybreaku
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