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Natasha Pearl Hansen began her comedy career a decade ago at Second City Chicago. Over the course of a few years she performed, wrote for, and directed dozens of shows. She found her love for stand-up in 2010 and hasn't looked back, performing in countless festivals as well as headlining and featuring all over the country.


Natasha indulges in all aspects of comedy, finally producing and directing her first comedy documentary in late 2015 while doing a comedy tour in the Caribbean. She is an actress and writer for a number of upcoming series, including the show 'Assistants' which she both produces and co-stars in.  She is a regular author and contributor for Men's Health Magazine, incorporating comedic photography with her essays. She, along with her other half Justin Schwan, recently won the photography award for their comedic editorial work at The Taste Awards, which celebrate the highest achievements in food, fashion, home and lifestyle programs on television, in film, online, on radio and live interactive events this year in San Francisco.  


Currently, much of Natasha's humor both on-stage and in her writing focuses on personal aspects of her life, including her own failures, her family, and her engagement. She is currently shopping a number of series she has created at the moment, including:


 "Adulting" co-created with Jonathan Talbert (Producer on Weeds, Orange Is The New Black, United States of Tara, Chance, and Dirty John), which centers around her relationship with her Grandma Mo after the loss of her Grandfather.


"Social Mediators" co-created with Jared Bonner, which centers around two Hollywood life coaches who solely coach social media stars.


Natasha just had one series greenlit, "Monogamish," which is a digital series for Instagram she co-created with Trenton Davis in partnership with Dream Magic Studios.


Next up: "Diary of a Bad Fiance" - a book and Instagram series based on the trials and tribulations of Natasha's engagement to be married.

...and... "Beers with Old People" - a docuseries where Natasha interviews people of age to acquire stories the public would never otherwise get to hear.

Her new podcast "Future Role Model" with the Comedy Pop Up Network is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Google Play and Spotify, and will eventually be a book and series... 



On June 15, 2019, the day she was actually supposed to get married, Natasha recorded and self-produced her first comedy special titled "I Was Supposed To Get Married Today..." which was shot at her contracted wedding venue in Madison, Wisconsin near where she grew up. Recorded in front of a live audience of her family, friends and wedding guests, she performed only one take of the special to a sold out room. It's due out this fall!


Find her everywhere @NPHcomedy.



Representation Contact:

Manager: David Rosenblatt 

Theatrical Agent: The Marlene Agency

Commercial & Modeling Agency: Mix Models 




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